Steve Wedge Counselling

A Personal approach to counselling, led by you.

  Person-Centred Therapy in Hampshire.

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Tel: 07342 796284


I offer an initial 30 minute assessment free of charge, where we will look at why you feel that you need counselling, what you are hoping to achieve and to decide if I would be the right counseller to be able to help you and for you to decide whether you would be comfortable working with me. I am LGBTQ friendly, and embrace diversity.

I offer face to face counselling sessions in the Southampton and Winchester area in the privacy of my therapy room which I prefer, if this is difficult for you, I can also provide counselling sessions by phone or on line.

I have worked with adults of all ages and genders with the following issues:

Rejection. Sexuality/Gender Identity.  Abandonment.  Relationship issues.  Anger. 

Anxiety. Trauma. Low self-esteem. Childhood issues. Bereavement.

Depression. Emotional Abuse.


 Any of your personal data which I may need to store will be stored securely in accordance with GDPR, ( regulations.